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How We Programmed in the Olden Days

No compiler, no assembler. My first commercial project was done with a hex editor and pencil and paper.

Updated: 2016-08-22   Views: 14706

The Graphic Adventure Creator

Back in 1985, text adventures were all the rage, and I wrote a program called the Graphic Adventure Creator to help people make them. This is a retro game archaeologist's guide to the code.

Updated: 2016-08-22   Views: 12870

Skype 7.0 - A new entry for the User Interface Hall of Shame?

Recently, Skype beta-tested a new user interface in version 6.22, and tweaked it for the official release of 7.0. For many Skype users, it's a step too far. Is this just a knee-jerk reaction, or is there something deeper to the response?

Updated: 2015-01-08   Views: 24635

The iGoogle UK tab debacle

In November 2009, Google finally removed the workarounds allowing users to customise the positioning of tabs in iGoogle (UK version). The subsequent explosion of anger seems overblown. Is it?

Updated: 2009-11-18   Views: 5861

ASUS UK Windows Refund Policy

I want to buy an Eee Box B202 with Linux, but it's not available in the UK. Can I get a refund on the Windows XP license that comes with the UK version of the computer? Let's find out.

Updated: 2009-02-02   Views: 6702

Naming Anonymous Blog Comments

Many message boards and blogs don't require commenters to register, often calling them just "Anonymous". Conversations between several anonymous users are difficult to follow and annoying. So why not just make up names for them?

Updated: 2008-12-11   Views: 9127

Using the LM3S811 Evaluation Board under Linux

This article details the steps I took to get Luminary Micro's LM3S811 Evaluation Board running under Kubuntu Linux 6.06. (Updated for 7.04, 7.10)

Updated: 2007-11-04   Views: 61794

A Modest Proposal: Portable Banking

Ever tried to change your bank account? I have. And I didn't like it one bit. So here's a proposal that should make the process so much more streamlined.

Updated: 2007-04-23   Views: 7062

Yakumo Hypersound Car Problems

The Yakumo Hypersound Car in-dash audio player is a lemon. Read on for why.

Updated: 2007-03-19   Views: 11526

Letter to MEPs on Software Patents Legislation

This is the letter I wrote to all the Southern UK MEPs in protest at the Computer Implemented Inventions Directive, commonly known as the software patents directive, together the the replies received.

Updated: 2007-01-20   Views: 15258